Garden artwork

Our Vegetable Garden

The garden has two vegetable areas: one long raised bed about 60ft by 10ft at the top of the garden and three small beds near the kitchen. To plan for a four-year rotation, the raised area is classed as beds B and D and the kitchen garden as beds A and C. These four areas are more or less equal in size.
Each of the four is divided into six plots measuring about eight feet by five, using old planks that serve as paths. The rotation is Legumes then Alliums then Roots then Brassicas. Vegetables are not sown in rows but the plants are thinned or planted out in blocks, spaced equally apart. Click on the vegetables to see cultivation notes, or refer to the full notes.

Fast Growing

Courgettes and sweetcorn go where there is space, while catch crops of faster-growing vegetables such as spring onions, spinach, lettuce, and other salad leaves are planted from early spring through to late summer as needed when a previous crop has been lifted or in between young plants of slower growing crops. Perennial vegetables such as asparagus and globe artichokes are planted in separate beds.

Garden illustration

Herbs such as parsley, coriander, and basil are raised in pots in the greenhouse and planted out in May and June where space allows. Other herbs - shrubs and perennials such as rosemary, tarragon, the thymes and mints, sage and bay - are grown either in pots or in the flower beds.

The plan is just a guide; in practice some crops take up more than their allocated space while the lure of the seed catalogs means there's always something new to try - crops for autumn and winter lifting, such as black-leaved kale, forcing chicory and red cabbage this year.

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