Running Water Through the Fountain

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Once your indoor water fountain is assembled and/or installed, you are now ready to run water through it. DO NOT operate the fountain without water in the basin; this will immediately cause the pump to overheat! Using your fountain on a daily basis is very simple; the most maintenance you will have to do daily is to make sure the fountain contains enough water. Due to evaporation, you will have to refill your water basin from time to time. We recommend filling the indoor fountain a bit each day to assure that it becomes a "habit", and so that the fountain will never run out of water. While a rare occurrence, your fountain may also be splashing at a greater rate than normal. If this happens, make sure that a) your fountain is perfectly level; b) the water level is not less than ½" from the top of the basin, but is not so empty as to cause the pump to run dry, and c) you follow additional instructions in your fountain manual to minimize splashing. You may also consider placing river rocks in the basin; these will help to lessen the water sounds and the amount of splashing water.

Outdoor fountains can help you take that same look you have inside with a wall fountain and move it outside. The calming and soothing sounds of a fountain can also be heard while you sit on your patio and relax. An outdoor fountain will liven up any open space, extravagantly add to your outdoor decor. Outdoor fountain water can evaporate quickly so you will have to refill the reservoir more often. However, most fountains that are designed for outside have large water holding capacity.

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