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Fountain Water Treatments

Water fountains can be susceptible to mineral deposits left by tap water as well as algae growth, especially when placed outdoors. Customers will sometimes report that their fountain has taken on a "funny smell," which is often indicative of bacterial algae growth. There are several steps you can take, however, to prevent these indoor fountain problems, keep your fountain fresher between cleanings, and ultimately prolong the life of your fountain.

To prevent mineral deposits within the pump and on fountain surfaces, run only distilled water through the fountain. Distilled water can be purchased at grocery stores for very little cost, and contains far fewer minerals that regular tap water. This will prevent deposits of calcium and lime that can be frustrating and difficult to remove. Your fountain will thank you! If you would prefer to run tap water through the fountain, use a water treatment that will remove mineral deposits. We recommend Protec®, a natural water treatment with organo-phosphates that prevents mineral buildup and even helps to dissolve existent deposits and stains over time. Only one drop per gallon of water per month will help your fountain remain beautiful.

For the treatment and prevention of algae growth, we recommend Fountec®, another organic water treatment. This formula keeps fountain water free of algae without the use of harmful chemicals or harsh scrubbing that can be damaging to your fountain. Fountec® contains polymers that prevent and kill algae without harming the environment. It works through evaporation, heat, and sunlight, allowing it to outlast similar copper and enzyme-based competitor products. Fountec® is very economical; a small dose lasts up to a week or more due to its concentrated formula.

By using these treatments and being conscientious of fountain problems from the very beginning of your indoor water fountain ownership, you will extend the life of your wall fountain and hopefully fight deposits and algae growth before they start!

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