Fountain Placement

Before exploring what is available in terms of fountains, it might be useful to envision what you truly want from your indoor water fountain. Where do you expect you will want it to be placed? Do you have a large empty space on a living room wall (or a smaller empty space on an entryway or hallway wall)?Fountain icon Do you have a coffee table or end table that needs a decorative accent? Is there a corner in a sunroom or patio that feels unfilled to you? And what about your relaxation needs? Are you hoping for a calming source of white noise in a bedroom or a refreshing stream of negative ions in a kitchen or room where pollutants are likely to be high?

Aspects of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui might be of assistance as you make these decisions. Practiced for thousands of years in Asia but relatively new to the West, Feng Shui centers on channeling energy (or ch'i) throughout the home in a way that will bring about positive energy flow and harmony, resulting in spiritual, physical, and emotional bliss. Translated "water-wind", it is no surprise that indoor fountains play an important part in the Feng Shui practice. In Feng Shui, there are six principle elements: metal, wood, fire, wind, earth, and water. Indoor fountains can play an important role in helping you achieve balance and maximizing positive ch'i in your space as you introduce new elements and methods of relaxation into your home or office.


Metal: Many of our fountains feature stainless steel or copper.

Wood: Any kind of wooden objects such as furniture, wood trim in your home or wood floors all complement the wood element – and provide a beautiful juxtaposition for the other elements found in your fountain.

Fire: Many of our fountains come with lighting features that provide a natural, warm glow to accentuate the fountain and follow the Feng Shui parameters.

Wind: Fountains create moving air filled with negative ions. These negative ions improve the quality of the air and enhance physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Earth: Our indoor wall fountains are fashioned from materials found in nature, such as hand-selected Indian slate in beautiful colors such as black, green, or multicolored rajah.

Water: Flowing water, as opposed to stagnant water, increases a room's positive ch'i. Water fountains are the absolute ideal solution for introducing this element into your decorating scheme.

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